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          Quickly to carry out the deployment group production safety emergency video conference spirit WeiChunJie chairman for the company to set three requirements work safety in production

          [文章摘要] OnAugust17thintheafternoon,thegroupproductionsafetyemergencyvideomeetingjustended,thecompanychairman,partysecretaryWeiChunJieon,immediatelyorganizetheabovemiddle-levelleadershipgroupcompanyrapidimplementationofproductionsafetyemergencyvideoconferencespirit,maketheenterpriseproductionsafetyemergencydeployment

              On August 17th in the afternoon, the group production safety emergency video meeting just ended, the company chairman, party secretary WeiChunJie on, immediately organize the above middle-level leadership group company rapid implementation of production safety emergency video conference spirit, make the enterprise production safety emergency deployment schedule.

              Meeting, wei, chairman of the highly summarization group production safety emergency points on the basis of video conference spirit, combines the actual conditions of construction enterprise, emphasis on two levels of leadership in safety production of construction must be 8.12 hazardous tianjin warehouse explosion accident of the profound lesson, do attaches great importance to its implementation. He put forward three specific requirements:

             One, in the company-wide for inflammable and explosive dangerous goods on a comprehensive and thorough special screening, found hidden danger must be corrected immediately, and on Friday to elevate the inflammable and explosive dangerous goods check, corrective to carry out the situation to the company safety production and quality management.

              Two, each branch company safety management committee to adjust, enrichment, play to the functions of good safety management and should put the group spirit of this meeting, especially group gold four requirements put forward by the chairman and general manager deng put forward six requirements, quickly deliver to each project, and to grasp the real safety personnel training, as well as improve quality to improve treatment.

              Third, the deep 3.26 accident lesson, extrapolate, wake-up call, comprehensively strengthen production safety work. To perfect enterprise subcontracting agreement, in particular, on how to choose the service team to establish and perfect the related system.



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