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          Vice general manager of Qiu Guoxing to nine branch research to guide the work

          [文章摘要] August18,vicegeneralmanagerofQiuGuoxinglinetoninebranchofsurveysupervisionwork,mainlytounderstandthestatusofthebranchofproductionandbusinessoperation,finishoffworkandyouthwork.Branchleadershipandeachdepartmentheadtoparticipateinthesurveywillbeathome.Conference,branchmanagerLiangMinninebranchtocompletealltheclassics


               August 18, vice general manager of Qiu Guoxing line to nine branch of survey supervision work, mainly to understand the status of the branch of production and business operation, finish off work and youth work. Branch leadership and each department head to participate in the survey will be at home.

              Conference, branch manager Liang Min nine branch accomplish a brief report, economic indicators for branch on the project management work and off work are faced with the problem analyses the manager liang, each department is the work involved a detailed report, branch office in charge of the leadership to supplement to speak.

              Branch is the next step after listening to a report, the research group of work put forward the advice and instructions, research group, points out that branch must vigorously promotes, in terms of work safety in production to dispatch personnel to the site to be responsible for the safety in production, especially outside the frame must be demolished, dangerous goods storage management work safety protection measures. In addition, the research group also mentioned branch must pay attention to training of young worker, want to the young worker provides development space and platform.


                High branch deputy general manager at the last to propose several requirements: one thing a policy, the branch of project management are faced with the problem according to different project relative measures to the problems existing in the scheme; 2 it is easy to difficult, after first in branch faces many problems should be simple and easy to obtain; Three is one breakthrough, the whole method to solve the problem step by step.



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