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          Guangxi first construction engineering construction group co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as guangxi build a construction), established in 1955, a former national JianGongBu directly affiliated enterprises, is the oldest in guangxi, the number of the largest and strongest technical force state-owned construction enterprise, guangxi construction group, now it is the national housing construction general contracting, construction industry, class a design qualification enterprises, municipal general contracting one level and water level general contracting 3 qualification, 15 one professional contracting qualification and two specialized contracting grade b qualification, and the international project contracting, labor export, and has class a qualifications of comprehensive design and research institute, the company registered capital of 940 million yuan.


              Company on-the-job management staff more than 2800 people, including all kinds of technical personnel 2200 people, 600 people with senior titles, secondary to build teacher 1000 people, bachelor degree or above, 1200, people under age 35, more than 1700 people. Company technical force is abundant, the construction management practices, is famous for its sound and rapid "build project" area, known as "guangxi construction industry backbone enterprises, is a construction enterprise of guangxi national construction engineering quality highest award" at the earliest, the most enterprise, create the five luban prize today. Over the past 60 years, the company adhere to the "based on guangxi, facing the whole country, going abroad" strategy, successively in both at home and abroad to undertake all kinds of engineering tens of thousands of items; Companies adhere to the "one yuan leading, diversified development" strategic thinking, strengthen housing construction, real estate investment and development, property leasing and building materials business lease four plate. After 60 years of development, the enterprise is completed in area of more than 2.5 million square meters, more than 22 billion yuan to undertake tasks, business income reached 11 billion yuan, for a year


                Company took the lead through the ISO9001 quality in the district construction system, occupational safety and health management system certification audit, actively promote construction of science and technology research and development and application, implement enterprise technology research for more than 300, more than 200, the promotion of technological innovation, advanced operation for more than 100; 2 for invention patents, 12 utility model patents; Gen QC results 34 national engineering construction; As the state-level demonstrative project of science and technology item 3, editor, participated in the national and industrial standard five; Crowned national method, paragraphs 3 and district-level method in guangxi 95, national quality works more than 10, and a large number of provincial excellent project. Construction of multi-function hall buildings, living in guangxi nanning hotel lite estates high-rise residential building hall respectively named the most, the construction of national construction safety civilized construction site safety civilized construction site and the China science and technology innovation demonstration buildings, such as the total number of all kinds of awards in guangxi construction first.


              Company has crowned national excellent construction enterprise, national customer satisfaction enterprise, national advanced unit for construction of new technology application, the period of "11th five-year plan" national advanced enterprise, national construction construction technology innovation system is the first AAA grade credit enterprise, China quality AAA grade credit enterprise, national advanced unit of government trust, customer satisfaction, the construction of the first credit credit enterprise, the national urban and rural construction system advanced collectives, the eighth consumer trustworthy brand, the quality of China's top ten national excellent enterprise ideological and political work, the construction of ideological and political work in basic work advanced unit, the national enterprise culture construction advanced unit, the national construction system construction of spiritual civilization advanced unit, the national "51" labor certificates such as the honorary title of national, provincial hundreds, also was named since the founding of the 60 of the most influential brand enterprise in guangxi, China's construction industry the most growth enterprises among top 3, post also sprung up the second national honesty moral models, etc., various


              Company always adhere to the "honesty, responsibility, however" character of enterprise, based on the building practice of "heavy contract, keep promise", adhering to the "quality is the result of responsibility, good faith to create value" business philosophy, for the national first class construction enterprise, market to create a first-class brand building, to achieve social respect, envied, employees proud of happiness, a building, one hundred billion yuan to promote the enterprise group and guangxi in the struggle for "two built". (data deadline: December 24, 2014)

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