Tide Perfume Everyday Amoy Artista

Friday, July 07, 2017

Celebrity Piolo Pascual ''Papa P'' Philippines favourite hearththrob share his secret to smelling good everyday in achieving ''Amoy Artista'' in an intimate fan meet last July 4,2017 at Century mall Makati city...

Dubbed by many as the Ultimate Hearthrob,Piolo Pascual is the epitome of the filipino phrase ''Papa P'' as his fans lovingly call him,is always picture of smart looks and appeal.
Despite the unavoided heat smoke and dust,he stays fragrantly fresh all day,most celebrities do this by using expensive perfumes but does Piolo?? 

In an exciting meet and greet last July 4 2017,''Papa P'' not only treated fans to a heart warming performance & fun games but also revealed how he manage to achieve ''Amoy Artista'' 

The New Tide Perfume fantasy! it has a Downy Perfume microcapsules that clings to clothes even expose to malodors kaya parang naka perfume everyday si Papa P!

''Kahit na pinagpapawisan ako sa taping or narawan kami maghapon sa shoot at on site schedules mabango pa rin ang damit ko! ~Papa P shares enthusiastically.

With the new Tide Perfume Fantasy,kayang kaya na ang bango ng perfume everyday like Piolo for only six pesos lang. #TidePerfume6


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