Last Frontier Paradise

Sunday, June 04, 2017

When Summer is mentioned,what comes into my mind is Vacation,Outing,Beach outdoor adventures and Out of towns.For me,Summer is the best season in the Philippines that's why this year for a different summer activity we traveled to Wonderful place of Palawan...Of course with the whole Family! 😃💖

We booked a flight with Air Asia,the travel time to Puerto princesa is 45 an hour,we stayed in a hotel for one day to rest.

because the next day we traveled to El Nido straight to our destination to Pical which is 6-7 hours travel time.
We stayed at my Aunties home and i was so amazed by the beauty of Palawan, 

You really could call it Paradise because of it's ethereal beauty and more than that,the water is really crystal clear,there are lots of adventures that you can take on in Palawan like island hopping,boat riding and we buying food on another island is a wonderful experienced too! 

What i really Love about Palawan is the fresh air,delicious and fresh foods like fish,of course this is their primary source of food,we tried to look vegetables but it was really few.chicken and pork meat are also scarcely sold because there is no electricity on the island  cuz its really far away from civilization.

The surroundings are so amazing and relaxing,It is in harmony with the majestic view of the sea in the morning,it's peaceful and quite unlike in the city,i actually prefer to live in this quite and peaceful setting,but hopefully with internet access.(Lol)! 
It really is fun to go out of town with your  whole family and/or friend''s very enjoyable! next summer we picked the same destination for our vacay,and we will keep on going back to Palawan! 💓

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  1. Oh there's no electricity? I've heard of Palawan a lot and I know it's a really great place to be at. It's just the first time I learned that there's no electricity, haha. Thanks for the warning.

    It's beautiful, though, as you say. I would still want to go. Anyway, did you bring your food? Cause you said there's nothing to buy around the place.

  2. I've never been to Palawan but I really love to visit this place soon. Just by looking at the photos, you'll definitely know how beautiful the place is, what more sa personal 😍

  3. Palawan is on my bucket list to visit and will consider this in the future

  4. Wow, Palawan! So jelly! The pictures look awesome. It's really great that you were with your whole family -- it just intensifies the experience, doesn't it?

  5. We've been planning to go at Palawan, but failed to do so as we are considering the kids. I know we can never fully enjoy the island trips and other water activities having a toddler with us. So I think I'll just wait if they're a little older! I just can't enjoy travelling without the kids. So I guess waiting is the best option.

  6. I miss Palawan. We were just there last Feb with my balikbayan brother and his foreigner wife and we had such a wonderful time, my sister in law will not leave the water. We are already planning a return.

  7. Palawan is one of our dream destinations,
    I heard shrimps and lobsters are very affordable in Palawan. We can't wait to visit the island as a family 🙂 I love the photos ❤️

  8. Heard great things about Palawan and I do dream to see it someday, but no electricity, I don't know if we will survive in that.