Nutri 10 Plus for my Kids

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Hi Mommies!
How's your day? Me? i'm quite busy even with the kid's sembreak from school approaching,I'm also preparing for the summer!April is almost here and for sure all of us mom's see to it that our kids are safe and always in the right track,especially with their health,That's why for me when it comes to my children's health i give importance to how to take care of their physique for them to be active and strong,At for me to give them the right nutrition for my son and my daughter,i give them Nutri 10 Plus syrup.

Along with a balanced diet and exercise,Nutri-Plus helps my kids be more Active and Strong,It is also highly recommended by pediatrician,Nutri-10 Plus helps them to develop a Strong immune system,it also strengthens their bones,raises their energy level,boost their appetite and helps with a sharper vision,Healthy skin,height and makes my kids smarter!

: Nutri 10 Plus and Day Zinc are Available at Mercury Drug store Nationwide

-Nutri 10 Drops 30 ml. P125.00
-Nutri 10 Plus 120 ml. Syrup P180.00
-Nutri 10 Plus 250 ml. Syrup P310.00
-Day Zinc Drops 30 ml. P110.00
-Day Zinc Syrup 120 ml.  P120.00 
-Day Zinc Syrup 250 ml. P240.00

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