Neil Patrick Harris Throws “Chopped” Style Playdates For His Twins

Thursday, March 02, 2017

If we didn't already have enough reasons to wish that Neil Patrick Harris was OUR dad, here's another one. We just found out that Neil and hubby David Burkta recently hosted a full on kids “Chopped” cooking competition at their house for their kids during a playdate. Come on! “David just threw our version of a “Chopped” cooking competition in the kitchen with our kids and two of their friends each, so six kids total,” Harris recently revealed. “They had baskets with ingredients that they didn’t know, and they teamed up in groups.” “The teams each had a mentor—David’s culinary assistant Susan and Michael Symon's sous chef—because that’s how we roll sometimes,” Harris laughed. “They had all these special ingredients, and I was the sole judge, and they did three courses.”

Both David and Neil are total foodies, so the playdate totally makes sense, and NPH revealed that he created category winners so that each team got a prize. These two are such great parents, they are always doing something totally cool and unexpected with their twins! What fun parents are they? We are always following their adventures, from their super lavish vacations to their uber-creative Halloween costumes, and this is one family who looks like they are ALWAYS having a good time! 

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  1. That's such a great way to play! I might do that when my kids get older. So they can learn how to cook as well. :)