When In Baguio

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

How's the beginning of the New Year for you guys? Us, we celebrated the new year in the very beautiful city of Baguio, and it really was cold, it was my first time there, and yes it's really cold! The first day was so happy of course, being with the whole family, and our first pit-stop was the Bell House - Camp John Hay, it is best place to go to especially if you wanted to know about the history, , the place was breezy and cozy, you can take a whiff of the pine trees...
.....................Laperal house located in #14 leonard wood road, the house was built by one of Baguio's oldest clans, the Laperal family, it was built in 1920 on a 4 hectare land, the construction was a beautiful sight, and it was so charming!

..................... Picking Strawberries in La Trinidad,Benguet,i had so much fun picking strawberries, it was exciting for me because it's my favorite fruit! Lol, it was quite the distant ride but it was worth it, because, once we got there, the view was awesome and you can just feel that cool breeze, and we got to try strawberry ice cream for 30 bucks each!

...................... Christmas village, this was one of the best stop we had, along with camp john hay, because the kids had so much fun here, the decorations were pretty and you will really feel the Christmas spirit complete with snow flakes!

..................I can say that Baguio city is really a beautiful place, we're going to come back again and again and maybe someday, i can buy or build a rest house there, lol, this trip was a very unique experience for the whole family, i wish everyone bountiful blessings all throughout the year 2016! For all of us!

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  1. My family and I really wanted to go to Baguio, it was postponed this year but these pictures makes me look forward to next year! :)